Dream Board Creation

Hello my lovely dreamers..

Some of you may have heard of dream boards and some of you may already have one, others may not have a clue about what in the world is a dream board. Well, put simply a dream board is a visual representation of your dreams! All your hopes and wishes and dreams translated into images and condensed onto a large cardboard or piece of paper.

Why do a dream board?

Creating a dream board is such a fun, relaxing and creative activity best enjoyed in the winter months with a nice cup of hot chocolate and some candles. But that’s not even the best thing about them. Science has shown that the way our brains think is actually in the form of images passing through our minds. So when you’re thinking, you’re actually playing a chain of images in your mind. These images usually have an emotional attachment to them, that’s why when you think of something that you want you tend to have a positive emotional response. So, imagine having a large cardboard in front of you containing a visual representation of all your dreams, even the really small ones, down to that Tiffany necklace you’ve had your eyes on for a while. If it’s true that you have a positive emotional response to things that you want, then looking at that massive dream collection is sure to bump up your vibes. And that’s where having a dream board comes in very handy! Every time you see your masterpiece of a board you’ll have a renewed sense of motivation, you’ll be reminded of why you do what you do. You’ll have a reason to jump out of bed every morning and start your day because you will feel that sense of purpose and direction. Many people actually schedule in dream board staring sessions (haha no that’s just me being silly), many people schedule in what they call “manifestation sessions” where every morning or evening, or both they set aside a certain amount of time when they will not be distracted. Then they look at the dream board and go from image to image savouring the positive emotions that come along with them and visualise themselves already having whatever it is that they so desire. By the end of the session you can imagine the joy and exhilaration they feel. You would too! I sure do, in my mind I just won the lottery, bought 5 houses in 3 different continents, fed the whole world, had a joy ride on Virgin Galactic and trekked Machu Picchu. Happy days! 

Benefits of creating a Dream Board

  • You will feel a renewed sense of purpose, a reason to get up in the morning.
  • Discover what you actually want – some of us haven’t stopped to think “What do I actually want”, we tend to have a vague idea but haven’t really articulated it. This is an important first step as you gotta know where you’re going if you’re gonna get there!
  • Get in touch with yourself and get to know yourself better – cheesy as it might sound, it’s true! Simply by cutting out pictures of stuff you want to have or experience you’re getting to know what you like and what kind of things excite you.
  • Have an elevated emotional state, it’s proven that seeing beautiful objects/places makes us happy.
  • It’s an excellent bonding and unwinding activity to be enjoyed by yourself, with your partner, friends or pets
  • It’s a wonderful motivation tool which will keep you on the right track
  • Powerful confidence booster
  • Increased energy and happiness levels – everyone knows that if you have a good morning you tend to have a good overall day. That’s why when you start your day with uplifting thoughts and feelings, chances are you’ll keep feeling like that for a good amount of time in the rest of the day

Ok, I’m convinced! What do I need?

What you need is limited only by your imagination but there are a few essetials;

  1. Large piece of cardboard or piece of paper (the bigger the better but bare in mind you have to have somewhere to put it).
  2. Magazines (lots of them and a variety, NO gossip mags please – I doubt you want to attract the drama)
  3. Scissors 
  4. Glue or sellotape
  5. Decorative items (glitter, baby unicorn stickers, whatever you like.. )
  6. Printed photos (sometimes you won’t find the images you want in magazines so printing photos from the internet might help).

Let’s get started!

  1. First create a nice atmosphere in the room. Dim the lights, light a few candles, put on some nice music and make yourself a warm drink.
  2. Look through the magazines for photos that speak to you. Go by gut feeling. If you see something that gives you a little tickle in the tummy, cut it out! Not the feeling, the picture hehe 🙂 don’t overthink it, you won’t be judged, this is for YOU.
  3. Once you have all you’re cut outs, begin arranging them on the cardboard. This part calls for imagination and creativity.
  4. Once you have all the pictures arranged in the places that you want them, begin sticking them on.
  5. Add your chosen decorative items.
  6. And lastly, marvel at your creation!

Put your dream board somewhere where you’ll likely see it many times in a day for maximum benefit.


Happy creating!


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