Lapland Finland: Salla


Lapland is the northern most region of two Scandinavian countries; Sweden and Finland. The region that we went to called Salla was within the Finnish boarders but it was also very close to the Russian border. Lapland is in the Arctic circle and in the winter it is definitely the place to be! It is winter wonderland! Known for magical winter landscapes, northern lights and outdoor activities such as husky and reindeer rides.



We visited Lapland in January this year (2017).  The peak season for winter adventures is December to February.

Our trip in photos

We arrived in Lapland in the evening. The lovely Crystal Ski rep took us to our cabin and we spent the first evening getting acquainted to our new living quarters. The cabins were so cosy!! They were all wooden and each had its own bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and private sauna. In the living room we had two couches, a dining table, TV and a fireplace. The fireplace was one of the best things about the cabins because it meant cosy evenings every single night!

Our holiday package included unlimited logs. Every night we would take our sleigh and go to the “log house” where all the logs were kept. It was only about 5 min walk from our cabin. We’d stock up plenty on the sleigh, bring them back to the cabin and light up the fireplace. There is just something so magical about going out into the silent night to get wood for the fireplace. It’s just so simple but it just gives you a feeling of being so far away from normal life (in a very good way!).

In the morning we woke up to this view!


Each cabin had its own porch with a table and chairs. I loved having my morning coffee out there! Even though it was -15 degrees!

The cabins were just too cute!

I think that it was definitely the cabins that made this holiday so special. It really gave us a feel of what it might feel like to live in a place like this!

Morning coffee with a view!


We booked a ski package which  includes a lift pass, skis and other items like ski boots etc. Most days we spent on the piste skiing down the slopes.


At the bottom of each slope there were little fire huts to warm up. People would bring sausages to cook over the fire and have them as snacks! Finnish people love their sausages! 😀

Inside the fire huts.

The landscape in Lapland is mostly flat. Very different from the alpine.


After a long day of skiing we would head over to the Ravintola (restaurant in Finnish) for dinner. There were fine dining places in Salla but honestly after expending so much energy skiing all day we usually opted for not so healthy options.



They had reindeer burgers on the menu. Apparently it is a Finnish specialty but I couldn’t bring myself to try it.

The way to the restaurant was up a hill so there was no way you could go there wearing normal shoes. Snow boots were the only shoes we wore in Lapland.


Such special creatures!


On some days we opted for going hiking and exploring the local landscapes.

Salla Ski resort was very small and only a handful of people were there! We loved that as we were looking for a relaxing holiday in nature.

So beautiful!

Frost! Consequence of hiking in -18 degrees temperature.


Lapland is famous for all the amazing activities that it can offer.

We went on a midnight Reindeer Safari hunting the northern lights.

Each person had a reindeer pulling their sleigh through the forest in the silent night.

Once deep inside the forest, we stopped and made camp. We had hot chocolate and biscuits while listening to amazing Finnish folk tales! Ahhh take me back! This was such a special night!

Warm and cosy.

We fell in love with Lapland from the moment we got there but as the trip progressed we both realised that this is a place that we will visit many many times! Until next time!


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