London: World Travel Market

What is the world travel market?

The world travel market (WTM) is a three-day event that takes place every year in November in ExCel London. It’s an event where many professionals in the travel industry all over the world gather in order to exchange information about their services, make connections and plan future collaborations.

I was very lucky to be invited to attend, and so here I’ll be sharing the details with you!

Inside the world travel market

Every country had their own set-up area where they marketed the best of travel in their country.

There was plenty of cultural entertainment.

So many countries to visit and inquire about.

Each country tried to bring out their culture through their set-up area.

Where we stayed

We stayed at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Tower Bridge, London.

The hotel is beautiful inside.

It has a very modern and stylish lobby area.

The room we stayed in was a double room. It was fairly small but comfortable.

The best part of the hotel (in my opinion) is the Sky Lounge! The view over Tower Bridge from the sky lounge is incredible!

And they do amazing cocktails! Although I always tend to order the same one! Portobello Road is my absolute favourite <3

What we ate

Food, of course is an incredibly important part of every trip.

As you can see, the lomo beef steak was so delicious that I tucked into it before I realised that I intended to take a picture first. The dining experience in Gaucho, Piccadilly was fantastic! The interior was spectacular, the ambience was on point and the food was jaw-dropping delicious!

Of course, every delicious main is followed by an equally delicious dessert! This cheesecake was out of this world!!!

The next day we woke early. Just in time for the buffet breakfast at our hotel. Usually I head straight for the pastries at the breakfast buffet. This time however I decided to go for a full English (the hotel specialty). I have zero regrets and in fact I remember making a mental note to have this sort of breakfast more often.

That evening we dined at Balthazar, Covent Garden.

I enjoyed some lobster spaghetti. I’d never tried this dish before and was pleasantly surprised. The dish itself was very rich and slightly spicy, the perfect combination!

Almost forgot to mention the late night sweet tooth emergency. Room service!!

What we saw

During the event we had some extra time to spend and so we played tourists! (I live in London by the way, so it’s quite sad, ┬ájust kidding! It was the best!)

Tower Bridge in all its glory.



Pitstop for coffee.


St Paul’s Cathedral


Glorious  Regents Street by day.


And by night.


Tower Hill gardens.



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