The sacred ritual of eating

Eating – The most natural thing in the world.

We’ve been doing it since we can remember ourselves and we continue to do so every single day.

Most people will agree that eating is an important part of life. It’s our sustenance, we need it to live. But nowadays, eating is a lot more than that. Eating is part of almost every event, celebration or occasion. Going out to eat is probably most people’s favourite pastime when they’re not working. We eat on our desks at work, we eat when we’re watching movies, we snack while we commute, we eat at parties and we even have midnight feasts.

Most of us will agree that we don’t just eat to live though.. we eat because of the delicious taste of food, we eat out of habit, we eat to be social.. etc etc.

Food is just such a normal everyday thing that everyone around us and ourselves included do every single day. And with so many people now learning about the importance of good nutrition and healthy diet – they want to make some changes. The truth however, is that most people fail to make changes. In fact, I recently read a ridiculous statistic of something like 95% of people who try to change their diet and maintain the change – fail. We are failing at such epic rates that it’s strange that it doesn’t occur to us that this is weird and something is very off.

And it’s not that your nutritionist didn’t give you a good diet plan – in fact almost any healthy diet plan, if maintained, will give you the results you seek. It’s not that you do not have access to information about what to eat and what not to eat – do you. It’s also not that you are lazy or have no will power – you do.

So what is it?!

Back to basics

Eating is one of the most intimate acts of self care that we can practice.

Our body cells renew themselves all the time. And where do they get the energy and materials to do that? From the food we eat.

We eat to build ourselves, literally.

Every bite we take is a foundation laid for new cells, new organs, new hormones, new skin, new hair… new you.


Whoever said we should be grazing all day long – is wrong. Sorry for the bluntness but it’s true.

Food and eating is so special and should be treated as such. Since you are literally creating and re-creating yourself with every meal you take, don’t you think you ought to treat the whole thing with a little more grandness, more wonder, more respect?

A sacred daily ritual

Make each and every meal you take an occasion.

Eat your meals with the people you love – what happened to family meals?

Present your meals nicely – arrange everything on the plate in a way that is pleasing to you.

Use your very best plates and cups and cutlery – yes, those “special occasion” ones you have in the back of your cupboard. Every meal is a special occasion.

Lay out the table nicely and watch how all of a sudden, without intending to, you’ll summon the whole household (hehe).

And then sit and look at your food. Look at the delicious, healthy, natural food which soon will become a part of you, and say thank you. Thank you to the supermarket worker who put your food out on the shelves, thank you to the people responsible for transporting your food from the farm to the supermarket. Thank you to the people who picked your food from the soil. Thank you for the food itself, for growing, for giving you its nutrients and lastly thank you to the sun – the main source of nourishment for giving you it’s life-sustaining energy. (Interesting fact – It has been proven that if you bless or thank your meal before consuming it you actually absorb a much higher percentage of the nutrients in the food!)

Finally eat your food slowly and mindfully. Enjoy each bite and enjoy the company of the people you love around you.

Do this and watch your health, your relationships, your overall well-being turn around completely. Like magic.

Existential Crisis – It’s not what you think

Existential crisis is a topic that has had a lot of hype recently, and many people are talking about it, although I think that there isn’t much out there in terms of solutions. Many people that I know, and myself included, have experienced it or are still struggling with it and so the purpose of this post is to shine a spotlight on the topic and more specifically how we can go about managing/resolving it.

What is existential crisis?

Existential crisis is the moment you begin to question your purpose or perhaps when you perceive that you’ve lost your purpose in life.

Many people say that there are different types of existential crisis but personally I believe that at the core of all of these is an even more basic crisis going on – and that is finding your place in this reality. Where does your “being” fit into the world that you are perceiving.

The reason I say “the world that you are perceiving” is because I firmly believe that there are as many realities as there are people on this planet. Each person seeing the world through the lens of their perception.

Paradigm Shift

For some reason existential crisis has had a very negative connotation, as if it is something to be avoided or something to be afraid of. But I think the opposite is true. In fact I think it’s amazing and I think it’s necessary and beautiful.

So, if you allow me, I would like to propose a paradigm shift.

What if existential crisis isn’t the problem, but in fact the solution.

What if this is the next step for you in your conscious evolution?

All of a sudden you become lucid of where you are, what you are doing, what other people around you are doing…you become more aware than ever of your own mortality, of your finite number of days. You question your purpose. You question the reason behind why we as a society do certain things.. and it’s painful. Painful is probably the best word to use to describe the experience.

But congratulations my friend, you are waking up. Many people think that awakening/ becoming more aware feels like rainbows and unicorns (and yeah that’s how it feels after) but at the beginning it is so damn painful. But necessary.

Most people who have achieved anything worth achieving have gone through this “dark night of the soul”. Because it is through times like these that you take the time to look inward into your depths and see what there is to discover.

Each one of us is a holder of treasure. Each one of us has a unique gift that we need to share with the world. And each person and their gift are an integral part of this giant puzzle that we’re all part of.


The solution of this “problem” which is not really a problem in my eyes is simpler than most make it out to be.

The solution is to see this phase for what it really is..

You are being pushed forward to wake up, to find your gift and share it with the world. You are being pushed towards discovering your mission/purpose and fulfilling it.

Or more accurately, you are being pulled. You are being pulled towards your future self. You are calling you…

and the question isn’t are you going? Because you’re going… boy you’re going. But are you going willingly? Are you enjoying the ride? Are you enjoying the journey? Are you grateful for every second you get to spend on this beautiful planet? Are you enjoying the evolution of your consciousness? Or are you resisting and being afraid?

This is your journey and nobody can tell you how exactly it’s gonna be. Nobody can tell you what the right thing for you is or what to do. This is something every individual needs to find out for themselves.

I hope however that this post serves as a sign, pointing you in the right direction. But the journey, the journey you need to take on your own. And believe me, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Finding yourself

I think globally now there is a shift taking place. A shift in awareness. More and more people are becoming aware of themselves and their environment. This increased awareness, in turn, results in deep questioning. Questioning everything, who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose?

The aim of this blog post isn’t to answer these questions for you, in fact, I do not believe anything outside of yourself can answer these questions for you. Reading books, articles and autobiographies can take you a long way and point you in the right direction, but ultimately the questions have to be answered on a visceral level rather than just on an intellectual level. Finding yourself, getting to know the essence that is you is the single most intimate and fulfilling act of self-love.


It all starts with restlessness. At least that’s how it started for me. An inability to enjoy things you used to in the past.  Feeling a deep sense of dissatisfaction with where you are in your life. Becoming a bit distant and constantly questioning, questioning, questioning.. EVERYTHING. Now before you say, my darling this is basically depression, let me clarify. Depression has the propensity of making a person feel as if they are under this big black cloud of sadness that they can’t escape from. Restlessness is different in the sense that you’re not really sad, things are actually probably going really well for you but you just don’t really see the point of certain things anymore. It’s like all of a sudden you wake up and feel like you’ve been living your life half asleep all this time. Some social events and gatherings that you previously anticipated eagerly, now just feel pointless and empty. You start asking yourself things like; why do I do this? why do I think like this? why did I say this mean thing to this person? etc etc..

This is a scary period to go through because it’s just so personal. Nobody can really help you. And consider yourself very lucky if you find people around you who are willing to listen and try to understand.

If you are experiencing restlessness the best thing to do is first to understand what is happening. You are becoming more aware. You’re growing, and growing is never a comfortable experience. Take a curious approach with it, so for example say things like “I wonder what this is all about, it will be fun to find out” rather than “I don’t know what I like, I don’t know what my purpose it, I’m stuck, I’m lost etc etc” .

Just breathe, clarity will come soon.


Have you ever done something thinking that with this change your whole life would be fixed and complete, only to then discover that after the initial high period always follows a lower low period? Something like changing partners, moving country, purchasing expensive material possessions or undergoing some kind of surgery/treatment for example.

This happens because you felt the void, the restlessness and you attempted to fill it. And when you discovered that it actually didn’t fix your whole life, you’re left feeling deflated and helpless.

It happened to me, I thought that if I move country, somewhere warm, sunny, friendly people, fantastic Mediterranean cuisine and laid-back lifestyle,  surely that would fix everything. But no. You see, wherever you go, there you are. You take with you your mind, your insecurities, your doubts and fears. You can’t run. But what you can do is just accept. Accept it. Accept your life the way it is now. Accept your job whatever it is at the moment. Accept your partner, friends and family however they are, and most importantly accept yourself exactly the way you are right now.  With all your perceived flaws and all.

When you do this the most interesting thing happens. When you actually do it, not just saying to yourself “ok, I’m gonna accept myself”. When you actually commit to never say one more bad thing about yourself, never look at your reflection in disgust again, and cease complaining about your life. Then, you feel empowered.

And when you take action from this place of empowerment, that is when real change happens.

And only when you are in this place of empowerment will you have some clarity as for the big questions of life mentioned at the beginning. Because empowerment gives you perspective, where previously you could only see the confusion.

When you are empowered you are being your true authentic self. And if you stick around in this empowered state for long enough, you will be introduced to the most incredible, most lovable, most sincere, most resourceful person you have ever come across. You.

Awareness: Diary extract 1

This isn’t a guru-type post. It’s not a post where I tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, what you should think or how you should live your life. This is simply a very real, raw and honest account of an experience I had. The experience itself may not sound super mystical and extraordinary but its effect on me was exactly that, mystical and extraordinary.

The reason why I’m sharing it is in the hope that it may be of value to someone out there.

Diary extract:

Thursday 29th November – 3:02AM

What an early time to write. The best time, some people say. It’s when the noise of the world quietens enough for us to hear that inner voice. That’s not exactly why I’m awake though.  I’m basically having another episode of anxious insomnia… again! I’ve been tossing and turning with no success. Then, at precisely 2:59AM the TV went on by itself, with no image but just a light grey background, bright enough for me to open my eyes and see it and then it went off. And now the red light keeps flashing. This has never happened before. I was startled but I wouldn’t say scared. If anything, I felt a relief, that I’m not alone or at least I didn’t feel alone in that moment. Just trying to figure out what I was thinking about before this happened…I’m not quite sure but I sense that it was a little nudge for me to get up and write about the insight I had last night, well tonight. I was laying in bed with a head full of thoughts and then a kind of wave of clarity washed over me and suddenly I became aware that these thoughts being like a line of laundry, each piece of clothing representing a thought. The image of millions of “laundry lines” just zigging and zagging from every direction popped into my mind. These lines of thoughts are just passing by, they aren’t even mine! That one insight was enough to detach me from thoughts in that instance and see or more accurately,  realise, that all those “I’m this, I’m that, I need to do this, I should do that” they are all just thoughts. And they may very well not even be mine! – meaning that they are not originating from my essence/higher self/soul. That garbage ain’t mine, thanks! And then I became aware that this awareness that I’m having right now is actually who I am. The feeling I got at this moment can most accurately be compared to the feeling of relief. What a relief! To experience what its like to be you minus the judgements, minus the stupid thoughts going on in your mind all the time… talk about relief!! I think this is the first time in my life I experienced ME and was aware of it. And it was so good, it was so so good! Then, sensing an opportunity in the air, I asked the question, “what is the best way for me to navigate this world?” and the response I received by the brilliant, bright, intelligent, wise and loving self that is ME was “just be present in the moment, be aware of what is happening and simply respond to what the situation calls for and allow the energy to flow”. This makes sense to me as I’ve experienced this flow many times before especially when I’m at work and in the flow of things and have no time to consider myself and preoccupy myself with thoughts about what I might look like or what someone might be thinking about me. I am simply in the moment or more precisely I am the moment. I’m simply responding to what the moment calls for. This is when I do my best work and this is when I feel at the height of all heights! And then, in a glimpse, another wave of clarity washed over me. This time much more powerful and intense. The message was clear and it was “This is what you want! That flow. The feeling of the energy flowing through you. This is who you are and this energy flowing through you is what gives you life”. So I guess our job here is to get to know ourselves really well and find out what gets us into that flow and do that. And when you’re in that flow, no effort or motivation is required. No “hard work” is necessary because you’ve got the energy that creates worlds flowing through you, you’re powerful and you’re smart and you’re creative and when you project all that into what you are doing, that’s when miracles happen. That’s when you are fulfilling your potential and that’s when you’re living your best life!


Book review: The Four Agreements

This book instantly grabbed my attention in the bookstore. It is so small and colourful and screams “Pick me up!”. And so I did. Thank God! This is one of those books that as you read along you find yourself making mental notes such as; “This is important”, “I should write this down to tell mum”, “I must read this passage every day” and so on. That’s how you know you’ve picked yourself a great book!

What is the book about?

Ancient wisdom of the Toltec, a culture who dominated a state in Mexico in the early post-classic period of Mesoamerican chronology. This book shines a light onto all the ills that pain our worlds. The mental ills, that is. As we, humans, are described as predominantly living inside our own minds, for the most part. Don Miguel then talks about how harshly we judge ourselves and those around us. How we try to fit a made-up idea of perfection and how we suffer endlessly when we do not live up to that idea. He offers us four simple pieces of advice. Advice that will help quieten the constant internal judge and help us see our world with clarity.

Who is this book for?

I am so inclined to say everyone because this book is so great, but I will not, as the style of writing and choice of metaphors and examples may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is a spiritual book that gives us a whiff of ancient, esoteric knowledge. It’s for those who want their wisdom wrapped up in the comfort blanket of spirituality and those who are open minded enough to overlook various metaphors in order to dig out the golden nuggets, as I say, the priceless, timeless, wisdom and knowledge.

The golden nuggets of this book

  • Be impeccable with your word – Choose and use your words wisely. They have the power to build bridges or destroy worlds. Speak with integrity and say only what you mean.
  • Don’t take anything personally – Nothing anybody says or does is because of you. Whatever they say or do is a projection of their own reality. If they shout out to you in anger, know that it is not you that is the cause of the anger, but instead the anger was already within them, and they are simply using you as an object to which they can project that anger. When you free yourself of the opinions and actions of others you will cease to be a victim of needless suffering.
  • Don’t make assumptions – So often we act in ways that are different from how we would usually act because we assume this and that. We assume this person doesn’t really like us and so we don’t call them anymore. We assume that some other  person already has so many friends and so we never reach out to them. The destructiveness of this habit is clearly evident as reality in most cases is very different from those assumptions manufactured in our heads. Find the courage to ask questions and express your truth. Communicate with others as clearly as possible to avoid misunderstandings and drama. You don’t know what kind of world any other person is living in, so don’t assume things. Simply have the courage to ask. Put your ego or pride aside and enquire. This is so powerful that even with this agreement on its own you can transform your life!
  • Always do your best – Your best will be different today than it was yesterday or will be tomorrow. Your best will be different when you are healthy to when you are sick. Whatever life throws at you at any given moment, just do your best from where you are. That’s all. Don’t judge yourself. Whatever the circumstances, just do your best.

My thoughts on the book

This is one of my favourite books ever! Humble and touching. It allows you to tap into the compassionate and loving parts of your personality and broaden your understanding of human dynamics. It reminds us to “do unto others as you would have done unto you” because the others and you are one and the same. We’re all one. Cheese, you might say. But that will only be your reality. And I only have one question for you. Is your view of reality serving you?




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